Face-Sensitive skinSoothing Melting Fluid


Daily protection essential for the comfort of sensitive skin. Fresh fluid for sensitive, combination skin.




MOIS­TUR­IS­ING COM­PLEX: Soften and hydrate (Vitamin F, provitamin B5, squalane).
 SPA™ THER­MAL WATERTo balance the skin’s tolerance threshold and help skin lastingly 
reduce its sensitivity.
EX­TRACT OF WILD JAS­MINE LEAF To reduce cellular hyperreactivity responsible for sensation 
of skin discomfort.

SOY PHOS­PHO­LIPIDS: To help skin protect itself against external aggression.

USE:Apply morning and/or evening with small dabs all over the face and neck.

SCENTS: Fragrance-free

BENEFITS: Skin is desensitised, more comfortable day after day (80% satisfaction). 61% reduction in skin sensitivity (demonstrated by stinging test)*.  *After 30 days of twice-daily use, 40 subjects (20 subjects using the Soothing melt-in fluid + 20 subject using the Soothing velvet cream).

Product for: Skin type- Sensitive skin


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