Face-Sensitive skinC&C Concentrate Serum


Clarte&Confort Concentrate Serum



Brightening action for skin with fragile capillaries


BLUE­BERRY, LEMON AND BUTCHER’S BROOM COM­PLEX: Improve the quality of capillaries

POLYPHE­NOL COM­PLEX: Improve comfort and reduce redness (mint and hazel leaf extracts).

USE: Morning and evening, apply a few drops of serum to areas of redness (cheekbones, cheeks, nose), avoiding the eye contour area. Massage in gently, then apply the adapted Clarté & Confort face cream. The frequency of use: morning and evening for 30 days or more, depending on the skin’s needs, then once a day to maintain results.

BENEFITS: Skin is protected and appears more even. Booster effect: +50% effect on redness.*

*Objective Mexameter measurement of the areas of redness on one half of the face compared with application of the Light cream alone on the other half of the face. Test conducted on 17 people after application morning and evening for 30 days.

Product for: Skin type- Diffuse redness of the skin


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