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February 26, 2019by James Robinson0

Pregnancy massage is just like any other body massage meant to relax the body and the mind. It is also known as prenatal massage. The extra weight and change of posture can put a lot of pressure on a woman’s body. Prenatal massage is a good way to ease the pressure. Prenatal massage differs from normal massages since care should be taken so as not to put pressure in particular joints. Massaging them can stimulate the uterus and cause contractions. Prenatal massage is, therefore, done with a lot of sensitivity and gentleness that only experienced therapists can do.

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage comes with many benefits. It can eradicate pains in the back and joints of the body and can also improve the circulation of blood. This special type of massage goes a long way by helping to eradicate muscle tension and headaches. Also, this form of massage is useful to reduce stress and anxiety. The best thing of pregnancy massage is you’ll probably enjoy the best sleep of the week after the massage session.

Reduce pain

Pregnancy exposes a woman to muscle cramps, myofascial pain, spasm, tension, among other discomforts which are only reduced by a massage. Other discomforts that require a good massage include sciatic nerve pain, headache, edema, etc.

Reduce stress

The massage also reduces anxiety, lowering the potential or harmful stress hormones like cortisol and relax the mind and the body. A pregnant woman will feel more lively and in a good mood after a massage. It also increases essential hormones that can be low if a woman is depressed.

Blood circulation

Pregnancy massage also improves blood circulation in the body hence allowing for an even distribution of nutrients and oxygen to the body. A pregnant woman needs a constant flow of nutrients and oxygen for the welfare of the baby and her health during pregnancy and at delivery.

When to try Pregnancy Massage

To some women, pregnancy massage is just a luxury time to keep them from pressure and make them feel better physically and emotionally. Other women do prenatal massage because that is the only way that they can relieve the discomfort and have a smooth pregnancy during their second and third trimester.

You should also do a pregnancy massage during labor to relieve back pain and muscle tension. You should let your partner do it to make them feel part of the birth process.

When to avoid Pregnancy Massage

Although pregnancy massage is very much helpful it should be avoided in some stages. They are:

During your first trimester

Prenatal massage is not good for the first trimester of pregnancy as it is believed to trigger dizziness and worsen morning sickness. Other people think that a pregnancy massage at first trimester can cause a miscarriage. Although there is no medical evidence to back this up, it is better to avoid it for safety purposes.

Doctor’s warning

Remember, you should seek your medical practitioner’s advice before commencing with prenatal massage. When your prenatal care provider warns against the massage, you should avoid it as there is a possibility that it can cause serious health complications.

Pregnancy risks

If your pregnancy causes risks such as hypertension or you have previously suffered premature labor, you should stay away from prenatal massage. The prenatal massage during such conditions can trigger contractions which put the mother and the baby at risk.

If you feel sick afterwards

Also, if you feel dizzy, headache or nausea after the massage, you should stop it. Some women feel irritated when touched by another person, and this can only make them feel sick after the massage. If you’re one of them, you should not force yourself as you can survive without it anyway.

Pregnancy Massage in Hobart

We understand that mothers to be in Hobart requires special attention and care like any mother would. According to expert reports, Tasmania’s pre-term birth rate is highest in the nation. Many mothers to be in Tasmania are involved in heavy smoking as a result of depression. A timely massage can really go a long way to help fight depression. Meanwhile, many young mothers in Hobart trust Jun Lin Sun and Jun Lin Moon for their pregnancy massage. Mothers can easily communicate with our trained therapists and can receive a quality service. One can easily schedule appointments during their pregnancy period with us and can be stress free. To book an appointment with us simply book online on our website.

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